Detention Center
Fairfield County Detention Center
10 Faith Lane
Winnsboro, SC  29180
Phone: (803) 635–4841 or (803) 635–2013
Fax: (803) 635–7708 or (803) 635–7491
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

The mission of the Fairfield Detention Center is to protect the community, staff, inmates and property while remaining fiscally responsible in meeting the needs of Fairfield County.


Q.When can I visit an inmate?
A. Visiting times depend upon the classification of the inmate.

  • Pre-sentenced inmates may be visited Monday through Thursday for 30 minutes each visit by appointment only.
  • Inmates placed in Administrative Segregation or Protective Custody may be visited on Fridays for 15 minutes by appointment only.
  • Sentenced inmates are allowed to visit on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Q. How many visitors may an inmate have?
A. Our visitation booths can accommodate up to 3 visitors at a time.

Q. Can I bring an inmate money, clothes, or food?
A. No. We will accept money orders made out to an inmate valuing $10.00 or more. Items such as medications or special medical equipment prescribed by a physician may be accepted with the approval of the facilities medical staff. Any other items must be approved by the director.

Q. When and where are the bond hearings held?
A. Bond hearings are held here at the detention center seven days a week. Bond hearings for charges that were issued by the Winnsboro Department of Public Safety are held at 10:00am and again at 4:00pm. Bond hearings for all other law enforcement agencies within Fairfield County are held at 8:00am and 5:00pm.

Q. What bonding agencies are allowed to service bonds in Fairfield County?
A. A list of current licensed bonding agencies can be found on this site under the “DOCUMENTS” link as well as posted in the lobby of the Detention Center.

Q. If I am not allowed to visit inmates due to my own previous incarceration at this jail, what should I do in order to reestablish my visitation privilege(s)?
A. Any individual that has been previously incarcerated or detained at this facility must wait at least 6 months before they may qualify to visit inmates. Once an individual has been out of jail for 6 months, they may request to have their visitation privilege reinstated in writing or complete a Visitation Reinstatement Request and mail it to the Fairfield County Detention Center.